Affordable Oceanfront Condos

Affordable Oceanfront Condos make vacation dreams come true by providing beautiful condos to accommodate folks longing to explore the wonders of Oahu.

Wishing you could go on a tropical vacation? Dreaming of lying on the beach basking in the sunlight? Wondering how you can manage to have a luxurious yet affordable vacation with your family and friends or perhaps some quiet time alone?

Affordable Oceanfront Condos has the solution for you! We’re making vacation dreams come true by bringing beautiful, affordable oceanfront/beachfront condos to accommodate folks longing to explore the wonders of Oahu.

Whether you want to enjoy Hawaii’s various attractions, veg out on our gorgeous beach, watch SPECTACULAR sunsets, enjoy the antics of Hawaii’s sea life, or learn about and experience our unique culture, music, and hula, our oceanfront condos are perfect for you. We want to make your vacation as amazing as possible!

Makaha is a rare hidden gem that’s still unspoiled by the hustle and bustle of development.  Nestled away in the midst of majestic mountains, white sandy beaches, and the shimmering aqua ocean, this small town, with its wonderfully diverse people, is a warm and welcoming place for all.  “Locals” love sharing their little slice of Paradise with you.  Makaha is a great place to enjoy local culture while you bask in its unparalleled beauty.

When you book a vacation to this tropical paradise, you can rest assured that Hawaii has a lot to offer. From breathtaking views and natural wonders to exciting activities, there are various unique things for everyone to enjoy!

If you happen to plan a last-minute trip and are worried about expensive accommodation, don’t fret. We can provide discounts on late bookings for some condos. Contact us 2 weeks before your intended vacation dates—excluding holidays and peak season of  January thru March (sometimes April depending on when Easter falls)—and we’ll find the best deals for you.

Just email us and we’ll get right back to you.

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